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A new TwoReads app for bookshops

Today we will present in detail our app, developed in IBS di Padova’s IBS bookstore, Padova’s IBS bookstore, for TwoReads bookshops. As has been mentioned already in a previous post, we have worked for the most part on simplifying the app and making it quick and easy to use, so as not to have an awkward infopoint, but a tool which is perfectly integrated in the environment and experience of the bookshop.

We have received positive results from our tests, which we have made with seven tablets, placed around a floor of the bookstore:

  • 42% is the ratio between the amount of people who have entered the bookhsop and the amount of searches carried out on the tablets.
  • 7% of what was sold had been previously searched for on the app.
  • 20% of total orders (books which were not present in the library) were first searched for on the app.

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Bookshop, categories and sectors

The development of our app in Padova’s IBS bookstore is as stimulating a process as it is demanding. One of the principal issues which we are trying to solve is how to favour independent book browsing in the bookshop.

First of all, it is worthwhile to draw a comparison between bookshop and library. Different requirements and ends translate into to very distinct approaches. A library classifies its books in “rigid” categories, therefore giving them a “fixed” location. Compared to bookshops, libraries tipically have a larger amount and a wider variety of books, which have been accumulated over the course of decades and centuries. Most of all, libraries stock these books for a longer period of time and therefore that these be “returned” is hugely important to them. However, on the short term, libraries obtain a smaller number of books and can afford to spare more time for each item (naturally, we imagine that the available space and resources are comparable). Lastly, libraries do not feel any pressure to display a book in the most “appealing” position for their customers.

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