Monthly Archives: November 2014

Our app in Padova’s IBS bookshop

Over the past several days we have been in Padova’s IBS bookshop (63 Via Alinate) developing our new app. It’s proving to be a beautiful experience for us as we’re finally working with accurate book data. Most of all we are having close interaction with our designated users, in every phase of the development.

In this post we will present our app, which is aimed at customers who have already entered the bookshop, beginning from a discussion about what pushed us to create it in the first place. Here is therefore a first, basic and obvious consideration: if I have entered a bookshop I have already made a big decision and at that moment I’m more interested in books than in shoes. The first incentive to read must be that of an environment which is favourable for research, discovery and purchase of books (a similar argument may be made, regarding non-commercial activity, for libraries and there are many any worthy projects in the area which follow this very direction).

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TwoReads at the Scandinavian Executive Publishing Meeting

As had already happened to us during our stay at the Frankfurt Book Fair, at the Scandinavian Executive Publishing Meeting in Copenhagen we also somehow managed to find ourselves in a hotel in the red-light district. “Oh yeah sure… a coincidence…” say our friends to whom we tell of the two trips… But this time, the hotel was excellent and the area was rather lush, almost no longer a red-light district. I say almost because this was the view from my window:

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TwoReads: New Adventures

Dear blog readers and friends of our startup project, the silence of these last few months is due to a radical reorganisation of TwoReads.

On the 28th of August we had a meeting with Roberto Lombardi, our business angel. He made us come to terms with the fact that although the relationship with editors is productive, it is too slow. Furthermore, the market for essay writing, on which we were concentrated, is too small, at least in Italy at this stage. We have therefore decided to spin right round and have restarted from readers themselves and from reading as we enter the bookshop. TwoReads is designed to help readers find their desired book with ease, even without much information, at the same time suggesting other interesting books, in support – and certainly not instead of – the bookseller.

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