Monthly Archives: September 2014

Online collaboration

To work on a startup project means to spend long hours in front of a computer.
TwoReads does not (yet) have an office: we all come from different cities, although we converge on Milan. This necessarily means that we work online, i.e. that we collaborate online: we need a number of tools in order to manage, together and online, all the different stages of the work.
Making decisions, for example, is the most complex aspect of such a collaboration and we try to do this away from the computer: at least once a week we meet to make point of the situation. “Face to face” communication is, in fact, unparalleled for this: by making point of the situation, we analyse what has happened (in our successes and failures), making short- and long-term plans and dealing with any problem that may arise.
For the rest, necessarily, we must revert back to the use of tools. This is our setup at the moment.

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